Reeder Farms LLC

From Farm To You

Weekly Farmer's Mix

The Bushel and Peck


Apples-Macon 3lbs



Italian Dandelion Sm

Kale Lg.

Kale Tuscan Lg.

Kale-Russian Sm

Swiss Chard Sm



Broccoli Heads 2

Eggplant- Purple Fingers 2lbs

Eggplant-Ghost 4lbs

Onion- Burger Master White 1

Onions-Small Red 3

Pepper-Red Bakers 6

Potatoes-Reds 5lbs.

Tomato-Romas 3lb

Tomatoes- Cherry 1qt

*Weekly order must be received by 8:00 pm TUESDAY for the upcoming week.

This resembles a traditional CSA. The “Farmers Mix” items and quantities being offered are determined by the farmer each week. Friday morning upon completion we’ll let you know what greats are coming in your mix.

The size of the share may fluctuate during the season, as certain crops are more abundant than others at times.  

You will have the choice of what weeks you want to receive your shares and if you want a full or half share or just fruit with each order. Setup a recurring order for your convenience.

Price per order:

$45.00 Bushel

$33.00 Peck

$20.00 Just Fruit