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Beverly J. Glazier


My Mother has been a fulltime member of Reeder Farms since 2013 where she has resided since she suffered a stroke. There has been challenges along the way which in short order we would overcome.

For some this is the first that you are knowledgeable of this fact. I have tried to keep thing from crossing over. There are a few who have been on this journey with me because I would be standing at your door with a delivery on the way to the hospital so as to keep you on your regular schedule. With the hope of never being inconvenient you.

Illness is never convenient it happens at all the wrong times however it will teach you to find your inner strength and be all things to go forward as a stronger humbler person.

I/We are thankful to each of you and your families for allowing me to care for my Mother the way I desired.

My final wish is she may achieve infinite rest in her eternal home and ever lasting peace.

We will reopen on October 24,2020

From the farm to you we thank you!

The Best Agricultural Products Are Natural

The Farming Industry is extremely merciless. When you are a farmer you live breath and sometime die farming. It does not allow for time off or come with a “HOLD” button; the animals have to be taken care of, cows milked and crops brought in. As they do not know what day of the week it is only that when they are ready, they are ready there is a small window of opportunity to get it right. With Mother Nature as our boss we are relentless to make perfection in an imperfect profession. 

Again we say Thank you for your kindness.

                                                      Reeder Farms in the 1950's located in Harmony NJ.

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